1.   Can we build a campfire on the beach?  

To protect the wildlife refuge and bird nesting habitat, RILF limits campfires to the fire pit located on the beach along the pathway from the dock. Guests are welcome to bring their own firewood to use in the fire pit or to purchase a bundle from the gift shop. Please use safety precautions when using the fire pit.

2.   Can we walk around the entire island? . During bird nesting season (March 1 through August 15), walking around the island is limited to the 2 acre lighthouse reservation, including the 2 beaches and the barracks. Kayaks are available (and life jackets) for overnight guests. Landing is limited to the lighthouse beaches. Please respect the harbor seals by keeping your distance from them.

3.   Medical Emergencies: Please call 911

4.   Non-Medical Emergencies: Brian Tefft, Executive Director of Island Operations, 402-932-8065, Office Manager, 401-847-4242

5.   Does the lighthouse have electricity?  Rose Island is powered by solar panels through a 110v service which runs the beacon and household lights,. You can charge your phone, laptop and other small devices. Please refrain from using hair dryers or other such high-demand electrical devices. CPAP machines are permitted. NOTE:  The Rose Island Lighthouse is "off the grid" and subject to the harsh weather conditions.  Please call the captain if electricity service fails. 

6.   Is there WIFI or can I charge my phone?  Cellular coverage is available. You may ask one of the staff or the captain how to charge your phone if you are staying in one of the outside buildings.

7.   Is smoking permitted?  Smoking is not allowed in the lighthouse or in any other building or the barracks of Fort Hamilton.  Please do not throw cigarette butts anywhere on the property, including the beach, pathways or lawns.  

8.   Can I drive to Rose Island? No. The foundation’s 32’ foot lobster boat “STARFISH” provides transportation to the island. 

9.   Check-in for all guests is 12 PM. Check-out time for all guests is 10:00 AM. 

10.Can we go into Newport for dinner and sightseeing? Call Jamestown Ferry (401-423-9200) to make special arrangements for trips to Newport.  

11.What do you provide for overnight guests?  We provide bed linens, pillows, bath towels (for all rooms), paper towels and cleaning supplies, pots & pans for cooking (Lighthouse rooms only), and propane & tools for the outdoor grills.  Refrigeration is limited to the Keeper’s apartment. All guests are required to bring their food in a cooler with ice. 

12.What is the checkout process? Please take all your trash, linens and recyclables to the boat when you leave. Please make the bed with fresh linens and leave the room as it was found. 

13.Is fishing allowed?  Yes, there are fishing poles, but you may want to bring your own rods and bait. A saltwater fishing license is required to fish on Rose Island, available from RIDEM - Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

14.Will we be alone on the island?   Unless you reserve both of the (downstairs) museum bedrooms, you will be sharing the common / bath areas with other guests. The outside bathrooms and property are shared. NOTE: The lighthouse museum is open from 10am – 4pm from Memorial - Labor Day so please keep your room tidy and valuables tucked away.

15.Do you have a coffee maker? The rooms in the lighthouse only, have coffee makers and filters, just bring your own coffee.

16.What is the policy on candles?  Please do not burn candles or oil lamps (you may use birthday candles!) There are compact fluorescent lights and solar powered lanterns for your use.

17.Are there binoculars that we can use?  Yes, but you may want to bring your own if you are a serious hobbyist.

18.Can we keep any shells or glass treasures we find?  Yes, and please always pick up any trash or items that may cause harm to marine animals and wildlife. Your stewardship is always appreciated!

19.Is it safe to swim?  Yes - Guests are responsible for bringing their own beach towels.

20.What if the weather is bad – can we cancel our reservation? The captain will make a decision whether or not to cancel due to high seas / winds / severe weather and Coast Guard advisory. If we need to reschedule - please do so within a few weeks time to avoid any seasonal rate changes or availability issues. ALL reservations cancelled by the guest directly, are non-refundable inside 60 days from date of stay.

21.Are children allowed as overnight guests? Children under 5 are not allowed to stay overnight on Rose Island. 

22.Do we bring our own dishes?  The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, but we advise bringing paper products to help with water conservation.  There are dishes / drinkware / silverware provided for the downstairs lighthouse rooms as well. Please bring your food in a cooler with ice. There is a small refrigerator in the first floor and in the keepers apartment. 

23.Are there bathrooms in the lighthouse?  Yes, for guests of the lighthouse only.

24. Pet Policy (new): Pets are not permitted to stay overnight in the lighthouse, the Foghorn room or the Ft Hamilton Barracks room.

25. We have a Carry In-Carry Our policy for all trash developed on Rose Island and appreciate everyone's cooperation!


For general questions, REFER TO THE FAQ SECTION OR PLEASE EMAIL or call (401) 847-4242.



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